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Akilah Oliver, with jellyfish.  Reading at Parachute: The Coney Island Performance Festival

Kitty Wells, queen of country music

high heaven

high heaven

This film is incomplete and needs support!  A powerful and hard-hitting documentary, American Holocaust, is quite possibly the only film that reveals the link between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed at least 6 million Jews, and the American Holocaust which claimed, according to conservative estimates, 19 million Indigenous People…The films director, Joanelle Romero, says shes been turned down from all sources of funding since she began putting it together in 1995.  Perhaps its just not good business to invest in something that tells so much truth? In any event, Romero produced a shortened, 29-minute version of the film in 2001, with the hope of encouraging new funders so she could complete American Holocaust. Eight years on, Romero is still looking for funds.

'earliest painting of a transvestite'—I doubt it—but charming nonetheless

'earliest painting of a transvestite'—I doubt it—but charming nonetheless

indian eagle owl wings spread

indian eagle owl wings spread

On Not Being Able to Perceive Angels

in the twilight lo

I stood before the twilight

without even a moon

jacking up the artifice

the proverbial number of angels 

that could fit on the head of a pin

before whom, and in what habit

I speak—stop me at the very

vestibule and rip up my ticket

one frosty adress will not

diminish one jott my vegetable love