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Where’s Rob? I guess he’ll put some poems up here sooner or later.

Where’s Rob? I guess he’ll put some poems up here sooner or later.

Where are the Rob Fitterman poems? Am I missing them or something?

Where are the Rob Fitterman poems? Am I missing them or something?

Living Dead Rob

Once we had things set, Ogre was telling me about this new band, White Fitterman. Rob was the talk of the town back then, with his animal prints, DayGlo, dreds, and crazy-ass top hats. Not to mention he had an amazingly talented female guitarist, Sean Yseult. Ogre thought I should meet him as we liked similar things. (Even now, Thunderkiss 65 is still one of my all time favorite songs.) In Rob’s early days as a singer, his brand of talk/rap/singing was very cutting edge. We walked backstage and found Rob talking to his then new girlfriend (Sheri Moon, now Sheri Moon Fitterman). He was taller than I expected and much friendlier too. Introductions were made all around, but when I reached out to shake his hand, he looked down at my hand and then back up to my face. Smiling he took my hand and shook it oh so gently, and said, “You aren’t a Fitterman are you? I was worried your arm would fall off if I shook it too hard.”


At the time I overreacted (cuz I NEVER do that!!) and told him to fuck off. Rob seemed confused, adding, ” You are really really pale.”


I was a different person then, but truthfully I think I was a bit confronted by the truth of the matter…soooo I just stood there unblinking. Ogre shrugged and we moved along. I remember being really annoyed and, after all, I didn’t tell Rob his dreds smelled like a wet dead dog.


To “get even” I used a ton of lime green color during their set, which is a nono when lighting pale-complected people. Sadly I heard that Rob loved the macabre effect that Synde designed. VINDICTIVE FAIL.

The next night I began to tone down my look and within a year put and end to a very horrible chapter in my life. An addiction had been permanently put to bed. So yes, Rob’s insightful and “humorous” comments did the job.

don’t invite rob

If we invite Rob he might bring his guitar and we can call him Maria.

Where’s Rob? I really thought he’d be here by now… maybe he got the date wrong?

needa talk to rob

Hey man its mike , , prince > jus wondering what day im at before im back , sorry again for everything i supposovly done to keif . if u can tell me that info id appreciate it . please dont lock the message incase i needa write back . and only me and you talking noone els . thanks

please help me

where is rob

Hey, if you’re trying to find Rob…

….I’m pretty sure he’s reachable on his cell: 917-399-6270.

Vanilla Coke

Rob, why are you only in Syliva Park (Auckland) for only 30 mins? Its soo far away from my house, and I have all the books ( I live on North Shore, about 1 hours drive from Sylvia Park. Maybe ask your tour director person thingy if you can put up a signing at Albany Borders Book Shop? Now, THAT would be better. Thats about 15 minutes drive :P. Hope you read this Rob.)

"A Dialogue Between Two Crabs Smoking Cigarettes"

ROB: where is Rob tonight?

ROB: Have any one try the chicken skin fried in a crispy way while drinking a few beers

ROB: HE reply my OP but I think the cold froze his fingers

ROB: No chicken skin fried…….pure fat……too many calories!!! No, no, no….I am 62 and I don’t need the calories…..I am a woman and I do have to watch the weight.

ROB: Once fried all the fat is gone,it just like a crispy piece of something

ROB: Why is he cold? He isn’t painting outside is he?

ROB: No one took you up on your 10:00 deal liscab….too bad.

ROB: Time is over not funny video not GP approval only Sandy made my night. Much oblige my sweet girl / I also extend my thank to keegan

ROB: Well, it was fun, liscab. I am signing off now and good night to you. Sweet dreams, my friend.

ROB: I play my best I saved my money I could be back soon