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she: Rob didn’t come?


he: No.


she: Did you tell Rob about this weekend?


he: Yeah, I did, when he was in Fresno



she: oh.

he: Rob’s not coming, huh?


she: I guess not. I’ll drink his beer

        for him.


he: Me too.

he: Too bad Rob’s not here. The hotel

       would have been good research.


she: I know, it’s funny.

he: Where’s Rob today?


he: Maybe he’ll be here tomorrow.


he: Yeah. Maybe so.

she: It’s such a nice hotel. Too bas

        Rob’s not here.

she: Where’s Rob?


he: I ran into him in North Hollywood

      last week and he didn’t say anything

      about it.


she: Where in North Hollywood?


he: The Doll inn.

he: Everybody’s here but Rob.

she: Didn’t Rob know about this?


she: Uh-huh, six weeks ago.


she: Why didn’t he come?


she: He probably forgot.


she: I’m not surprised.

he: Where’s Rob?


she: Maybe his car broke down.


he: Could be. It’s a regular occurrence

       with his car.


she: Yeah, I know.