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Where’s Rob?

Where’s Rob Now?

Where’s Rob? The Truly Terrific Activity Book 1

Where’s Rob? Wildly Wonderful Activity Book

Where’s Rob? Fabulous Flying Carpets Sticker Book

Where’s Rob? Dazzling Deep-sea Divers Sticker Book

Where’s Rob? The Wonder Book: Mini Edition with Magnifier

Where’s Rob? The Wonder Book

Where’s Rob? The Wonder Book with Magnifying Glass

Where’s Rob? In the Land of Sport Poster

Where’s Rob? Ultimate Fun Book

Where’s Rob? The Ultimate Travel Collection

Where’s Rob? The Wow Collection

Where’s Rob? The Fantastic Journey

Where’s Rob? In Hollywood

Where’s Rob? The Solid Gold Collection

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Where’s Rob? The Magnificent Mini Box Set

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Where’s Rob? Wow

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Where’s Rob? The Great Picture Hunt

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Where’s Rob? The Phenomenal Postcard Book Two

Find Rob Now

he: Where’s Rob?


she: Maybe he stayed home to read.


he: What’s he been reading?


she: Things on Houdini.

she: What happened to Rob?


he: He went to New York I think.

She: Really?


he: He’ll be sorry he didn’t come.


she: Rob’s not coming?


he: No, he’s working.

he: Isn’t Rob here yet?


she: Nope.


he: You don’t suppose he has an accident

       do you?


she: I don’t know.

he: Any word from Rob?


he: No.

she: Was Rob in town when you left?


he: No. I think he went to Texas.


she: Yeah.

he: Where’s Rob these days?


she: Who knows. He’s been real broke.

         Maybe he couldn’t afford it.

she: Rob didn’t come?


he: No.