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12am. My bed. NE Portland.

"The Reckoner" by Zachary Schomburg from Fjords vol. 1 (Black Ocean 2012).

11pm. My porch.

"La Patrie" by James Gendron from Mud Luscious #19. His chapbook, Money Poems, is available from Poor Claudia.

10pm. Ned Ludd.

"At Night: Womb" by Joseph Mains from Poum Poum Tra La La (Poor Claudia 2010). On the left is Casey Dienel of White Hinterland which is on Dead Oceans.

9pm. Roadside Attraction. 11th/Belmont. SE Portland.

3 poems by Sarah Bartlett from Spork Press. I was drinking a Deshutes Red Chair. It was good.

8pm. Roadside Attraction. 11th/Belmont. SE Portland.

"Flowers" by John Beer from The Waste Land (Canarium Books 2010).

7pm. Food Carts. 12th/Hawthorne. SE Portland.

"I Am a Natural Wonder" by Marshall Walker Lee from I Am a Natural Wonder. MWL co-does Poor Claudia. Eat at Cartopia carts.

6pm. East Esplanade. “Her Twin Was After Me” by Ally Harris from Propellor Magazine. And her chapbook is going to be here: Dancing Girl Press.

4pm. Tender Loving Empire. 10th/Ankeny. SW Portland.

from “Rouge State" by Rodney Koeneke (Pavement Saw 2002).

And I remember when I said you should listen to the new Typhoon EP, A New Kind of House?

3pm. Courier Coffee. 10th/Oak. SW Portland.

"Koan Two" by Sara Guest from Inknode. She has a bunch of good poems on there. And I told you she used to work at Write Around Portland, which is worth a looksee.