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Harryette formed a dreadlock from her gathered hair.

The great Harryette & hair…this comes to mind:

“honey jars of hair

skin and nail conjuration

a racy make-up artist collects herself

in time for a major retrospection”

& this:

All She Wrote

Forgive me, I’m no good at this. I can’t write back. I never read your letter.  I can’t say I got your note. I haven’t had the strength to open the envelope.  The mail stacks up by the door. Your hand’s illegible. Your postcards were  defaced. Wash your wet hair? Any document you meant to send has yet to  reach me. The untied parcel service never delivered. I regret to say I’m unable to reply to your unexpressed desires. I didn’t get the book you sent.  By the way, my computer was stolen. Now I’m unable to process words. I  suffer from aphasia. I’ve just returned from Kenya and Korea. Didn’t you get a card from me yet? What can I tell you? I forgot what I was going to  say. I still can’t find a pen that works and then I broke my pencil. You know  how scarce paper is these days. I admit I haven’t been recycling. I never  have time to read the Times. I’m out of shopping bags to put the old news  in. I didn’t get to the market. I meant to clip the coupons. I haven’t read  the mail yet. I can’t get out the door to work, so I called in sick. I went to  bed with writer’s cramp. If I couldn’t get back to writing, I thought I’d catch  up on my reading. Then Oprah came on with a fabulous author plugging her best selling book.”

hair collection site: U.S. Mail

Posted on April 6th, 2012
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